Simply Prepared Poached Chicken Thighs

Simply Prepared Poached Chicken Thighs ~ This is one of my go-to ways to make chicken since it's so easy to cook, tastes so good, is pretty quick and is so versatile.  I pull the skin off before eating, so it cuts down on the calories.  The stock/broth has all of the full chicken flavor, so I use it/save it for making soup another day.  I let the stock sit overnight in the fridge, so the fat is super easy to remove.

I'm a huge fan of simply prepared, poached/simmered chicken ~ either a whole bird or cut-up parts.  It makes for a pretty cheap meal, especially when chicken is on sale or when you can find them marked down on, or just before, their 'sell by' date.  When I find a good deal, I'll buy a few packs ~ one to cook that same day and the rest to go straight into the freezer.  We eat the thighs all different ways ~ as-is; with gravy; with BBQ sauce; with teriyaki sauce; added to salads; Mexican food... the list just goes on and on.  Sometimes I'll bone it before serving, sometimes not.  Sometimes we eat it hot ~ sometimes cold.  It's all good.

I use lots of different goodies in my poaching liquid ~ dried/fresh herbs, spices, wine, fruit juice, beer, lemons, onions, garlic, etc. ~ so it's never the same way twice.  I tend to mix-and-match, depending on my mood, or what's available in the kitchen and what I'm thinking of serving it with.  Check out this recipe that gives you a step-by-step on how to do this simplest of ways to prepare chicken thighs.  Since it's only the three of us, I usually cook the smaller amount, just look for the 'Notes' on how to make the smaller portion.  Enjoy! 

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