Last of the Turkey Leftovers...

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey ~ Making soup is a tasty and economical way to use up the last of the turkey.

Last night, we finally had the last of the leftover turkey from our Thanksgiving Day dinner ~ it was fun while it lasted.  Besides the requisite turkey sandwiches, we also ate it with different veggies/sauces/gravies, in sweet 'n' sour stir-fry, added to salad, and in my favorite way ~ as soup.

It took a few days, but we finally picked the bird clean.  I took the carcass and boiled the bejebbers out of it ~ sure did make the house smell good!  I turned that big ol' pile o'bones into a really rich, tasty stock/broth.  To that I threw in some chopped veg & shredded turkey meat and we were good to go ~ Turkey & Veggie Soup.  We ate a lot, but still managed to have some leftover soup, so the next night I doctored it up/thickened it up and turned the remaining soup into Turkey & Dumplings.  This time I made it with Bisquick dumplings.  (I guess that made the Turkey & Dumplings ~ leftover, leftover leftovers ~ try and say that fast 3-times)  Gotta love leftovers when they taste this good.  Hope you got as many meals out of your bird as we did ours!

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