Sauteed Kale, Tempeh, Mushrooms & Walnuts ~ Meatless Monday

Sauteed Kale, Tempeh, Mushrooms & Walnuts

Sometimes when I'm out of ideas for a meal, I'll just scrounge around the fridge and pantry, looking for things to inspire me... or if that fails, things that need using up.  I can almost always come up with something tasty and on nights like this, I really like to make meals that I can throw together in my wok/skillet.

This time what I found was turned into ~ Sauteed Kale, Tempeh, Mushrooms & Walnuts.  I sauteed everything together in the wok, with a little olive oil.  Cooked it until the kale was wilted, the tempeh was heated through and the mushrooms started giving off a little of their liquid.  Then I added ~ a few walnuts, spices and some jarred sauce ~ just before it was finished cooking.  It took no time at all to made a little Spinach and Strawberry Salad and I was good to go ~ dinner on the table in under 20 minutes.  Sometimes, it's nice to cook without recipes or expectations.  Letting the meal evolve as you find things to use can lead to some great food and I'm all about a good meal.  

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