Vanilla Soy Creme Brulee/Flan

Vanilla Soy Creme Brulee/Flan ~ I started out making homemade vanilla soy yogurt, then turned that into vanilla soy 'soft cheese/Greek yogurt', and then turned that into a vanilla soy 'faux' creme brulee/flan.  I love tinkering with different recipes in my kitchen.  How about you?

I was playing around in the kitchen one day, trying my hand at making homemade soy yogurt.  I followed this recipe, using light vanilla soy milk, and came up with  a very tasty batch of vanilla soy yogurt.

I enjoyed the yogurt as is, but decided to keep going with the process and turned the soy yogurt into a vanilla soy 'soft cheese/Greek yogurt', following this recipe.  Waiting for the liquid to drain out of the soy yogurt was the hardest part of making the 'soft cheese/Greek yogurt'.

Now that I had a thick and creamy 'soft cheese/Greek yogurt', I decided to continue playing around with it.  I mixed up a small box of vanilla instant pudding with about 1/2 cup soy milk and combined it with the vanilla soy 'soft cheese/Greek yogurt'.  I put the mixture in ramekins and let it setup in the fridge until firm; sprinkled it with brown sugar & broiled it in the oven until the brown sugar melted/caramelized.  

To me, the resulting dessert tasted like a cross between creme brulee and flan.  So, I'm dubbing it my ~ Vanilla Soy Creme Brulee/Flan.  I enjoy tinkering around with different recipes, combining them and seeing what you come up with ~ and when you're playing around with desserts, it's always good.

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