Spooky Halloween Almond Butter Rice Krispy Treats

Spooky Halloween Almond Butter Rice Krispy Treats ~ These haunting lil' ghosts would be welcome at any Halloween party.  Trick or treat?  Treat, please!  

I'm a huge fan of the food blog ~ Chocolate-Covered KatieKatie always has some really cool recipes for healthier versions of traditional (and sometimes not so traditional) sweet treats.  I just made her ~ Spooky Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats.  They are a spin on the classic Rice Krispies Marshmallow Treats, the ones that we all remember from our childhood.

I made mine with the optional almond butter, used only a dash of salt & unsalted nut butter.  I used melted vanilla flavored almond bark to dip the little ghosties in & regular chocolate chips for the eyes, since that is all the market had on the shelves. I did smash the rice mixture down as instructed - a lot - but the cut pieces didn't hold together as well as I'd hoped.   I ended up dipping the whole treat in the white chocolate, so they would be more solid & I also made some into 'truffle balls'.  The rice krispy treats flavor is fantastic & J REALLY liked them.  So, even with them being a bit fragile, I'll still make them again, but next time just in the 'truffle ball' form.

I had fun making these cute, little, spooky sweet-treats, especially with the Halloween theme.  J is VERY happy that I made it & gave me a big hug.   Here is the link for the recipe, so you can make your own ghostly goodiesGo check out Katie's adorable pictures & her 'biting' comments on how her batch of chocolate-covered little guys met with their demise.  We'll be here, working on our own batch... heehee  Enjoy!

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