Chocolate Crunchy Greek Yogurt ~ great for breakfast or dessert

Chocolate Crunchy Greek Yogurt ~ For breakfast or dessert, these candy bar inspired yogurt flavors are really tripping my trigger.  I love how easy it is to eat a high protein breakfast & still satisfy my chocolate cravings.  All without the guilt. :)
Here is another Halloween candy inspired flavor for my Greek yogurt breakfast-that-eats-like a dessert breakfast kick.  This time I decided to go for the simple flavors of a Nestlé Crunch Bar.  Ever since I was a kid, I've loved that chocolate bar, filled with all that crunchy rice cereal.  J has loved them ever since he was a tot, too.  I guess that Crunch bar really does appeal to the kid in all of us.  :)

Since I already had a box of crispy rice cereal in my pantry (leftover from the updated Rice Krispy Treats I made the other day), this breakfast was a snap to throw together.  I'm really digging these candy bar flavored yogurts for breakfast.  How about you?  :)

Chocolate Crunchy Greek Yogurt
serves one

  • 1 cup plain fat-free Greek yogurt (or your favorite kind)
  • 1 ~ 2 Tbsp dark cocoa powder, depending on how strong you like your chocolate taste
  • 1/2 cup crispy rice cereal
  • 1 Tbsp chopped carob chips or chocolate chips (optional)
  • 2 ~ 4 packets Equal (or to taste/sweetener of choice)

Mix all ingredients together & enjoy at once.  You don't want that crispy rice cereal to get soggy!

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  1. I really follow your blog and this is awesome. Crunchy's plus yogurt.

    1. So glad that you liked it. I had fun coming up with candy bar flavors for a change of pace. Thanks for stopping by & commenting ~ Cheers!

  2. I see that you are using purchased yogurt. Why not make your own? I do! It's cheaper, tastes better, and is easily made. I've made mine with a heating pad, but this next batch I'm going to make after dinner, I'll put in the crockpot just to see how that goes.

    Try making it! Yummy!

    1. Hi Tere,

      I used to make my own yogurt all the time, but that was years ago. I would use my crockpot ~ I would put my prepped quart jar of milk next to the crockpot and then drape the whole thing with a kitchen towel. (I'd put a few cups of hot water inside the crock, set it on low, cover it with the lid, set the prepped jar next to it, then drape/tuck the towel, then wait for it to do its thing) It seemed to give the yogurt just the right amount of heat to allow it to culture. It got too hot if I put the jar inside the crock.

      I did come across a vintage 1970's yogurt maker (a Salton Cosmopolitian) at Goodwill a few months ago and had to buy it. I was thinking of trying my hand at yogurt making again. It's just been sitting on my pantry shelf ever since ~ thanks for reminding me that I must make a batch and post it on the blog. :)

      You're so right, homemade yogurt is wonderful. I've gotta admit, I've become addicted to fat free Fage Greek yogurt since it's so thick, SUPER high in protein, it's a good stand-in for sour cream & I can thin it down if I want a more traditional yogurt consistency. (and it's sold for a good price at Sam's Club) But, homemade is so good, too. Time to dust my yogurt maker off and get to yogurt making! :) Thanks for the nudge!


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