Rustic Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas made with Trader Joe's Corn & Wheat Tortillas ~ the taste & texture of these unique tortillas really make this dish special!

Trader Joe's has a really wonderful tortilla that is made with a combo of corn and wheat.  It's thick, slightly chewy and makes for a wonderful, rustic textuted enchilada.  I simply followed the directions on the back of the green enchilada sauce can & came up with a fantastic dinner that we all enjoyed.  I added some traditional Mexican sides & we all dined well.  I'll be making this enjoyable meal again, with these unique tortillas, every time I get the craving for enchiladas...or quesadillas, or soft tacos, or...  :)


  1. Did you use the sauce from Trader Joe's as well. These look so good and I would like to make them!!!

    1. No, I just used Old El Paso Green Chile Enchilada Sauce. I like the flavor & always keep a few cans in the pantry. I think you'll like the tortillas, they're really good! They were sampling them at TJ's last time I was there & I bought 4 packages. You can freeze them, so now I always have some for whenever the urge strikes! Let me know what you think. I also used Greek yogurt in place of sour cream & really like how that works out, too. Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting ~ Cheers! :)


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