Smiley Face Mini Pancakes ~ making anytime, fun time!

Smiley Face Mini Pancakes & 'Faux' Crumpets ~ Depending on which side faces (pun intended) up, you get either a fun to look at & fun to eat pancake that kids love.  Flip it over & you get a 'faux' crumpet, that's great for teatime.

I recently acquired a  ~ Bella Cucina Smiley Pancake Maker, at a yard sale.  We've been having fun making these cute little pancakes, both for breakfast & for after school snacks.  They are quick to make, easy to do, fun to eat & easy to clean-up.  These little golden gems get two BIG thumbs up from J, from Dad & from Mom, too.  They can bring a smile to a little face after a rough day at school & that's a big plus.

I also enjoy making a few extra and saving them for an afternoon teatime treat. (the flip-side looks a bit like a crumpet to me)  The top has a slightly different, chewier texture than the smiley face side, since it doesn't come into direct contact with the top heating element. I spread the flip-side with butter & strawberry jam and enjoy some homemade 'faux English crumpets'.  They make a perfect teatime treat, right here in my American kitchen.  Just don't turn the little guys over & no one would know they're eating smiley face pancakes.  Works for me!  

The hardest thing about using this cute little pancake maker is waiting for the batch to finish, so you can start all over again.   Smiles all around?   Comin' right up! :)

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