Homegrown Sweet Corn ~ there's so many ways to enjoy...

Sweet 'Creamed' Corn with Greek Yogurt ~ I cooked the corn on the cob, cut off the kernels & tossed them with a couple of tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt, a little butter, salt/pepper & a sprinkling of  Parmesan cheese.  This side dish tasted like an upscale version of Creamed Corn.  I'll definitely be making it this way again! 

Corn Soup & Veggies
You've seen the two places where we've gotten our fresh-from-the-field corn ~ on the post I did on our local Community Garden  AND  on the post I did showing our neighbor's corn field

Now, the time for harvesting the fresh corn is just about at an end.  As a matter of fact, our neighbor's field is now almost completely mown over.  We did find a few final ears sitting on our front porch this afternoon ~ what a nice surprise!  Thank You!!  :)   It's been such a wonderful season for sweet corn & we've enjoyed eating them so many different ways.  Here are few of the highlights... 

Fajita Steak Salad with Sweet Corn ~ The sweet corn was so tender, we just cooked it for a couple of  minutes, cut if off the cob & sprinkled it over our salads.

I also made a ~ Corn Soup with Summer Vegetables ~ from the recipe in the book ~ American Grown.  I simplified the recipe a bit; I didn't strain the corn after purĂ©eing it & I used some homemade roasted ratatouille that I already had on hand for the summer veggie garnish.

The corn was so sweet & tender, sometimes we didn't even cook it before we added it to our salads.

We're all looking forward to next years crop of sweet corn.  Sleep tight little corn field, you've earned your rest.  You've had a marvelous first year!


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