Baby Cakes ~ Beth's Cake Creations ~ Guest Post

As promised, here is another installment of beautiful cakes that my friend, Beth, has decorated.  This time I wanted to showcase some of the adorable 'Baby Cakes' that she has done.

I just love the 'Peas in a Pod' theme on this baby shower cake.  Too cute!  I think this would be the perfect cake to have at your baby shower, especially if you where going to have twins.  It is almost too cute to eat...almost!

I just love baby tootsie toes!  Whenever I see them, I just want to reach out & kiss them.  The baby 'Hang Ten' feet on this cake are just so cute!  This design really tweaks my fancy ~ I think it speaks to this former California Girl who really misses walking barefoot on the beach.  Besides, who dosn't love baby feet?  :)

Building Block Cakes ~ I  just love this idea! Using building blocks as stand alone cakes is a brilliant idea.  This type of cake is so clever & versatile.  Use any letters or symbols that you want to spell a name.  This would be such a fun cake for  ~ a birthday, for young or old alike ~ a baby shower ~ a preschool graduation ~ or any other occasion that you just want to make a little more fun.

Hope you are enjoying seeing Beth's cakes as much as I am.  Some of the other cakes that are still to come ~ special occasions, holiday & my favorite ~ Steampunk!  Beth, it's so nice of you to share your photos on my blog.  ~ Thanks again, you ROCK!  :)

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