Spinach ~ fresh, frozen or canned ~ It's all good!

'Creamed' Spinach ~ Made with Greek yogurt & bacon bits.  I just doctor-up basic fresh cooked spinach ~ it's such a quick, easy & low fat way to enjoy this traditional side dish.

I guess I'm really lucky, my son just loves spinach!  I never have to ask him twice if he wants spinach with his dinner.  Yes!   He loves it fresh, frozen or canned.  It all started when he was little & was watching Popeye cartoons.  Finding a brand that had Popeye on the label was all it took for him to decide he liked it, too.  Wherever he gets his motivation from works for me! 

I prefer to cook my spinach from fresh & usually just buy it in the pre-washed bags.  It's just too easy to follow the cooking directions on the bag ~ then just add a little butter/salt/pepper & we have a wonderful side dish in minutes.  Sometimes I'll doctor-up the cooked spinach (either fresh or frozen) & add a little bit extra ~ usually some onion powder, bacon bits & Greek yogurt.  I'll give it all a good stir, add an extra dollop of Greek yogurt & then we have a quick and easy 'Creamed' Spinach that is really, really tasty & much lower in fat and calories than a traditional creamed spinach.

Fresh Cooked Spinach ~ It's so easy to make, just follow the directions on the pre-washed bag, (use either baby or regular leaf spinach) & in about 3-5 minutes you're finished.  Sometimes I'll add some chopped walnuts or maybe a little fresh lemon juice to the spinach, just to brighten up the flavor.

I've already written a lot of posts about how much I like to use spinach in different ways ~ in green smoothies, in Indian food, as well as in soup, salads & pasta dishes.  I really think this super green food is so versatile ~ just type in the word spinach in my 'Search this blog' area & check out all the different ways I've cooked with this jolly green giant of the veggie world.  :)


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