Easy Homemade Indian Food Feast

I love eating & cooking Indian food.  I also really enjoy going to Indian restaurant buffets.  It's such a great way to try out different dishes.   Here are some simple Indian recipes I make at home, they are not too complicated and they really satisfy.  J really LOVES the saag paneer with naan bread.  I like to use Trader Joe's Garlic Naan bread, it's the best!

Saag Paneer w/Naan Bread ~ This is the Indian version of creamed spinach. You can make it with or w/o yogurt or cream. This time I just added yogurt to the top & used firm tofu cubes since I didn't have any paneer. (Indian cottage cheese cubes) Madhur Jaffrey has some wonderful cookbooks, check them out. . ~ http://www.mykitchentable.co.uk/index.php/2010/12/madhur-jaffreyspinach-with-paneer-saag-paneer/

Indian Lentil Soup (Dal Shorva) ~ Lentils make such a tasty soup.  I like to add a dollop of yogurt to top it off. http://www.food.com/recipe/indian-lentil-soup-dal-shorva-132397

Sweet Rosewater Lassi ~ A unique yogurt drink from India. Very simple to make & really refreshing. You can change it up by adding different fruits, but I am partial to the traditional rosewater. ~ http://www.fernlifecenter.com/medical-services/ayurveda/recipes/cardamom-rose-water-lassi/

Cream of Wheat Pudding (inspired by the Indian dessert ~ Halva) ~ There is a warm, Indian 'cream of wheat' dessert called Halva & it's a homestyle comfort food as well as a staple at many Indian restaurant buffets. This is my chilled spin of the dessert.

Chilled Cream of Wheat Dessert ~ inspired by the Indian dessert Halva                

1 1/2 cup      leftover cooked cream of wheat
2 tblsp          raisins
1/8 tsp          cardamon
1/4 cup         hot water
3                   Equal packets

~                   milk & whipped cream

1)     soak raisins in hot water for 5 minutes

2)     in medium bowl ~ mix together cardamon, Equal & cream of wheat,
        then add the raisins & remaining water

3)    stir well & chill for 4 hours, turn out & slice or spoon into serving dish

4)    serve with milk & top with whipped cream

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