Meatless Monday ~ Vegetarian Lasagna

Low Fat Vegetarian Lasagna
Vegetarian Lasagna is a perfect fit for a Meatless Monday meal.  It is so full of possibilities.  You can keep it simple & just have a variety of cheeses.  Maybe you'll want to include some of your favorite veggies in one of the layers, just to make it a bit more interesting, or maybe... 

I like to add zucchini & extra onion/bell peppers to mine. Sometimes eggplant makes an appearance. I like to use a Marinara sauce with those veggies.

If I use a Bechamel or Alfredo sauce, it begs for me to include spinach, mushrooms, some smashed Great Northern beans (I love their taste/texture), a bit of nutmeg & basil.

If you just have to have the 'taste of meat' in your lasagna, then add some vegetarian 'meat crumbles' to the layers or to the sauce.  I bet no one would know it was meatless - unless you told them. 

For this Low Fat Veggie Lasagna  ~ I kinda, sorta, followed the recipe on the back of the 'oven ready' lasagna box. (I only use 1/2 a box when I make this, so I cut all the ingredients in half)  To this lasagna I added a thin sliced zucchini/spinach layer and replaced 1/2 of the Ricotta & Mozzarella cheeses with rinsed & drained Cottage Cheese (I always use lowfat versions of all the cheeses)  Roy likes a 'meaty' lasagna, so I like to make Vegetarian Sausage Crumbles  to use in place of the hamburger.

This is a favorite of ours & has the seal of approval from my guys. Two thumbs up!   Helloooo Monday!  :)

Try this trick to make the 'oven ready' noodles even better - Soak them in boiling water for 10 minutes, dry them off, then assemble the dish, following your 'oven ready' lasagna recipe.  I think that the noodles have a better texture & the dish holds together so much nicer.

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