Spaghetti Pie Casserole ~ getting creative with leftovers

I had a bunch of spaghetti left over one night & knew I had to spruce it up for the next go-around.  I remembered Grandma Bunni used to make something she called her special ~ Spaghetti Pie Casserole ~ whenever she had an abundance of leftover pasta, so I decided to follow suit.  She always threw things in in layers ~ like shredded cheese, cooked spinach or veggies, ricotta or Parmesan cheeses, or maybe even some sour cream mixed with chopped green onions & then she topped it all with another layer of cheese.  Of course, back then she used all full-fat ingredients, I don't think they knew what reduced calorie or low-fat was back then. (ah, the good old days ~ heehee)  Looking back, I never knew I was enjoying leftovers, to me it was just having her special ~ Spaghetti Pie Casserole.  And as I remember it, there were never any leftovers.  :)

For my rendition, I layered the already spaghetti sauced-tossed pasta (I dare you to say that, fast, 3 times :) with some low fat shredded mozzarella & low fat ricotta, threw in some cooked zucchini, along with some fresh basil, chopped green onions & some extra Italian spices.  I topped it all with grated Parmesan & low fat shredded cheese blend ~ then baked it in the oven until it was all hot & bubbly. I added a salad & garlic bread and dinner was served.

It really is a tasty enough dish to make it on purpose, not just to be used as a vehicle for leftover spaghetti.  So, if you want to try making it from scratch, here is a recipe that sounds like it would be really good & popular with both grownups, as well as with kids.  Buon Appetito! 

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