Salmon ~ a perfectly healthy meal for Fish Friday

We eat fish at least once a week, usually salmon.  I buy the most awesome frozen salmon over at Trader Joe's ~ it's really flavorful, it's a great looking cut & the price for the quality is not bad at all.  They carry a HUGE array of frozen fish to choose from & I have enjoyed every type of fish I have ever purchased there.  If you are lucky enough to have a store near you, I highly recommend you go & check them out!

Most nights, I prepare our fish pretty simply.  Roy's favorite way to have his salmon is to have it sprinkled with a spice seasoning blend & then pan fried, in a little medium-hot oil.  That gives the salmon a crisp exterior crust & a meaty interior. Sometimes I'll drizzle a little maple syrup or teriyaki glaze over the salmon, just before it's done to give the fish a different flavor spin.  I also enjoy making a poached salmon, using a little white wine & some veggies for flavor.  I sometimes serve the salmon, either hot or cold, over a bed of crisp garden salad. 

Salmon really is a versatile fish & lends itself to just about any recipe presentation you can throw at it.  I've even used salmon in fish tacos to great success...

These are some of my current favorite spices to use when cooking my salmon.  The Smokehouse Maple is outstanding!!  We just love the sweet, 'bacony' flavor it gives the salmon...

Cooking fish is easy, about six minutes per inch (3 minutes per side) is all the time it takes to make a great meal.  You need to make sure of the thickens of the fish before you start cooking, that way you won't overcook it.  Sometimes a filet is thinner at one end, if so I will tuck under the thinner part of the filet to make sure it's all more uniform in size.

When I cook fish for dinner, I make sure all the side dishes & salad/soup are ready to go.  I also have the table set before I start cooking the fish.  That way I know I am just about six minutes away from eating a great meal when I put the fish on.  :)  I hope these photos inspire you to try making some salmon tonight!

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