S & B Golden Curry Mix ~ a quick & easy meal, ready in minutes

S&B Golden Curry Mix ~ This is the BEST Curry Mix there is!!  I've been a huge fan of this Japanese brand since the 1980's. It's so versatile, just add your favorite meat/veg, simmer for a few minutes, serve over cooked rice & just like that ~ you've got dinner.  This curry mix base is also perfect for using up any leftovers you have in the fridge, cheap & cheerful at it's best.  It comes in mild, medium-hot & hot ~ I usually use medium-hot or a 50/50 mix or mild & medium-hot.  It has a similar flavor to Indian curry, but different at the same time, it's addicting.  :)

When I worked in downtown L.A., I would go to some little restaurants in J-Town, many of them used it & I got hooked.  If your regular market doesn't carry it, you can order it on Amazon or try looking for it in an Asian Market, that's were I found it here.

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