Homemade Apple Schnapps ~ making homemade Hooch

I learned how to make this very easy version of Homemade Apple Schnapps while visiting some friends, up in Canada, back in the fall of 1993.  They served this delightful beverage to the houseful of guests that were staying with them during the Oktoberfest festivitiesSchnapps is originally from Germany & is a favorite of mine, from way back.  When I first started making this concoction back home, I dubbed it 'Hooch' & I've been making, enjoying & sharing it for almost two decades.

You can easily change up the flavor of the schnapps, just by choosing a different juice concentrate.  I'm partial to the apple flavor, probably because it's the original way I had it.  (my trademark hooch is only made with apple juice concentrate :)   I decant the schnapps/hooch into pretty bottles & keep it in the fridge.  It's perfect to drink before/after dinner or turned into a cocktail, using your favorite mixer. **  Please note:  This is an adult mixed alcoholic beverage.  No underage drinking allowed! Do not overindulge.  Enjoy responsibly.  :)  **

Homemade Apple Schnapps                       

  • one 750ml bottle of Vodka
  • five cans of apple juice concentrate, thawed
  • water to taste

Empty the Vodka into a large pitcher & add all the cans of thawed apple juice concentrate.  Stir until well combined.

Taste & add water if desired, to get it just the way you like it ~ whatever suits your fancy.  Store in the fridge & always keep chilled.

Enjoy straight up as a cordial for sipping after dinner; serve it over ice; maybe a small glassful before dinner or with your favorite mixer as a cocktail. 

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