Easy Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp ~ This is the recipe J & I made, using his Alpha Bakery Children's Cookbook.  I ordered this cookbook from Gold Medal Flour, w-a-y back in 1998.  That was six years before I had J...and another five years before we started making recipes from it.  It was worth the wait ~ the recipes are fun & colorful, easy to make, directions are easy to follow & they taste great!

If the type on the above picture recipe is too teeny-tiny for you to read, (heehee, I need my reading glasses to read the book, fat chance me reading the picture :)  here is a very similar recipe from the Betty Crocker site.  The kids version above includes walnuts.  We like walnuts.  Walnuts make us happy.  Include some walnuts.  :)   


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