Middle Eastern Salads & Spreads ~ so much fresh flavor

I really enjoy making & eating Middle Eastern salads & dishes.  I usually make them just for me since my guys are not as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to all the whole grain, garlicky, fresh green herb, olive oil goodness that is so much a part of these dishes.  No matter, I make them for myself & enjoy them fully ~ either as a stand alone dish or as a side dish.  Sometimes, I will have just a little bit of this & some of that, left in the fridge.  When I do,  I can then make a Meze Platter, it's the perfect way to clean out the fridge & have a nice meal.  With the addition of a few nuts & some pita bread, I'm in heaven.  Who says cooking for one is boring?  Certainly not me!   Enjoy!

Baba Ghanoush ~ Every time I make this, it reminds me of a bit they did on the TV show  "Mad About You", involving a garlicky, baba ghanoush kiss. It always makes me smile.  :)

Tabouli ~ I love making this salad when I have fresh veggies/herbs available from our garden, can't get fresher than that. This is one of my favorite summer salads.

Meze Platter ~ What a great way to use up odds & ends from the fridge.  Presenting it this way turns leftovers into something special. When I made it this time, I stuffed a tomato with herbed couscous, added some nuts, a refreshing cucumber yogurt tzatziki, tabouli & baba ghanoush.   Serve with a pita, for scooping up all that taste pleasure & you've got a splendid meal.

Garbanzo Bean & Carrot Hummus ~  I wrote about this dish a few months ago.  It would be a nice addition to any meal or party.  Adding pureed carrots to the garbanzo bean mixture really lightens/brightens it up ~ a nice twist in the calorie, color & flavor departments.

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