Carrot Hummus ~ Lower in calories, but with all the taste of regular Hummus

Looking for another appetizer to add to all the food you are already planning on making for your Super Bowl party?  Maybe one that is full of flavor, but not full of calories?  Well, the search is over!  I wholeheartedly recommend this ~ Carrot Hummus ~ from over at the FatFree Vegan site.

This recipe for Carrot Hummus is SO good!  It is a lighter version of traditional Hummus. You add pureed cooked carrot, along with the beans. You would never know that some of the beans have been replaced with carrots.  The color is a lovely golden hue.  It has all the traditional flavor, but fewer calories. 

It is so easy to make & really tasty.  Make it often & enjoy this dip with veggies, pitas or chips.  It's a keeper! 
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