Homemade Salsa Fresca / Pico de Gallo

Salsa Fresca (also know as Pico de Gallo) ~ simple goodness
Last years veggie garden...

Last night, I went through a gardening photo album & came across a bunch of  pictures of my garden/tomatoes & the salsa I make when my tomato plants are producing like crazy.

Below is my simple recipe for Salsa Fresca ~also know as Pico de Gallo.   It's super easy to make & very tasty.  You can add additional ingredients/spices to suite your mood or to use what you have available in your veggie bin ~ or veggie garden, depending on the time of year.

Lots & lots of ripe tomatoes...

So, if you are looking for another Mexican dish to add to your Cinco de Mayo
celebration, make a big bowl of this salsa, grab a bag of tortilla chips & munch away!  :) 

Salsa Fresca / Pico de Gallo                                         

4                 medium tomatoes, cored & diced
                   (red, yellow, heirloom or a mixture ~ I like to leave the
                    seeds/juice in my toms, but seed them if you must)  :)
1/3 cup      onion ~ diced small
1/2              fresh jalapeno ~  minced (or to taste)
                   (seeded or not, depending on how hot you like your salsa)
1 bunch      cilantro leaves ~ chopped
2 tblsp        lime juice
1/4 tsp        cumin 
~                 salt & pepper (to taste)

1)   in a mixing bowl combine all the ingredients

2)   stir and toss well

3)   enjoy right away ~ serve with tortilla chips or with anything that needs

       a little bump in flavor




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