Healthy Super Food Smoothie ~ an easy spin on Odwalla's Original Superfood Smoothie

I was at Whole Foods yesterday & grabbed an Odwalla Original Superfood Smoothie, as I was going through checkout ~ a complete impulse buy.  They were two for $4 ~ such a steal. (no really, I did pay for it :)  It was just me, so I only bought the one.  Big mistake!  By the time I got home, I had already consumed the smoothie ~ the flavor combo was just what I didn't know I needed.    I was still thirsty for more green, satiny fruit goodness.  The original 12 ounce bottle sounded ample enough at the time, but I was craving more...     M O R E...

After I put my groceries away, I started scrounging around in my fridge, freezer & cupboards.  I found that I had most of the items needed to make a pretty close match to what had been in my now taunting, empty smoothie bottle.  I must admit, I was missing the juices of wheat/barley grasses, wheat sprouts, dulse & Jerusalem artichoke ~ but I did have the stuff they pictured on the back of the label & that included the Spirulina.  (yeah, I know, I have weird things lurking in my pantry :)  I was also out of apple juice, the last of it went out with J's lunchbox. So, I decided to use some V8 V*Fusion since it's made with fruits & veggies ~ I figured I could make up for the missing green stuff with some other colorful fruit & veggie juices. Works for me.

I gotta say, this smoothie turned out AMAZING!!  The color was not the dark green of the Original Superfood Smoothie, because I didn't have the all the green grass stuff & since I used an Acai Mixed Berry V8 V*Fusion (it's purple).  Fine by me.  It did have the same texture & an addicting taste.  YEAH!!  Next time, if I find I just have to have it green, I'll throw in a handful of spinach.  Maybe one time I'll try it with just apple juice, but I doubt it, I'm pretty partial to the V8 V*Fusion juices ~ you get one serving of fruit & one serving of veg in every 8 ounce glass.  Such a bargain!

Now, I can make my own easy, smoothie version, whenever I want.  I'm calling it my  ~ Healthy Super Food Smoothie.  Take that taunting, empty, soon to be recycled smoothie bottle!  :)  heehee

Healthy Super Food Smoothie                                 
inspired by drinking an Odwalla's Original Superfood Smoothie
serves 1~2

1 cup     V8 V*Fusion Acai Mixed Berry (or your favorite juice)
1/4 cup  water
1 inch     slice of banana
1/4 cup   frozen cubed mango (I use Trader Joe's frozen mangoes )
2 large     frozen strawberries
1/2           frozen peach (as may frozen slices as look like 1/2 a peach)
1/4 tsp    Spirulina powder  (I get mine in the bulk aisle of Whole Foods)

Throw all together in the blender & whirl away

~ Enjoy! ~

~  if you have fresh fruit, by all means use it instead of frozen, I used
    mostly frozen fruit because that's what I had available ~

Updated 6/7/2012

I made this smoothie again & added a large handful of spinach...this time I got the green color that I was missing before.  Oh, yeah!  :)

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