TVP Soft Tacos & Enchiladas ~ make a vegetarian fiesta!

Vegetarian Soft Tacos with TVP

Sometimes you can change up a dish, to remake it vegetarian & it tastes just like the original.  I LOVE when this happens.  Like when you mix TVP with taco seasonings ~ you get a very convincing taco meat.  Very similar to the taco meat you get at a certain Mexican fast food restaurant.  Ring any bells?  heehee

When I'm in the mood to make a Mexican meal that is veggie based, I'll turn to TVP.  Just follow your favorite Mexican recipe that uses cooked, crumbled hamburger meat & substitute it with reconstituted TVP & you are good to go.  Season the TVP just like you would the cooked & crumbled hamburger & you are on your way to a great vegetarian meal!

Vegetarian Enchiladas with TVP

I usually just throw together my enchiladas.  I've been making them so long, I don't have an actual recipe.  If you need one, I'd just follow the one on the back of the enchilada sauce can, they are usually easy & simple.  Just like the dish should be.  I like both the red & green enchilada sauces, red with beef & green with chicken.  I sometimes like to add extra veggies to enchiladas ~ anyway to get more veggies into my son works for me.  :)

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