Estella's Fritos Taco Salad

Fritos Taco Salad

I was reminiscing the other day, remembering back to when I was in high school. When I was a teenager, a friends mother (Estella), used to make us a killer Taco Salad.  She always used to top it with Fritos Corn Chips ~ one of a teenagers favorite snack foods.

So, in keeping with the Mexican food theme this week, I decided to make this salad in her honor.  A mothers cooking is always the best ~ Thank you, Estella!

Estella's Fritos Taco Salad
serves 2~3

1 large bag       mixed salad greens  (or chop up some of your favorite lettuces)
1 lb                    taco meat, warm
3 cups                Fritos Corn Chips
1                        tomato, chopped
1 cup                 canned pinto beans (or kidney), drained
1 cup                 chopped cucumber
1 cup                 shredded cheese
1/4 cup              purple onion or green onion, diced & rinsed

~                         salsa or bottled taco sauce
~                         ranch salad dressing  (or you favorite salad dressing)

Layer all ingredients, ending with Fritos ~ then top with salad dressing & salsa/taco sauce


Toss all ingredients together in a big salad bowl, plate up & then sprinkle some extra Fritos on top  (just because Fritos are sooo good, the more the merrier!)


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