Liver & Onions

I have liked Liver & Onions ever since I was a kid. (yeah, weird, I know)  I've never made it myself, Grandma Bunni never made it, our family has only ordered it in restaurants.  Well, that's silly. Can't be that hard.  I decided I needed to learn how to make it in my own kitchen... so, I did. 

It's super easy to do, we liked it, and it's pretty cheap to make. Cool. Here's the liver lowdown ~ Look for liver in the freezer section at the market. I bought both beef liver (about $2.50 for the pack) and calf liver (about $4.50 for the pack), just to see if there was a big difference between the two. There were 4 slices to a pack. I thought the calf liver was a bit more tender, but both were good eating. I sorta followed this recipe ~ soaking the liver in milk, while the onions were cooking, seemed to work really well; I swapped out the butter for EVOO; and I used seasoned Italian bread crumbs instead of the flour... just because I like it better. The leftovers heated up great in the microwave, so no worries there. Roy likes his with beef gravy on top, and I like mine with ketchup on the side... just like I've always had it. Guess I'm still a kid at heart.  :)  

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