Oven Baked Trout with Lemon

I recently bought a couple of whole rainbow trout at the market. Lately, I've been into trout, and it was on sale. Cool. It's been a while (years, actually) since I've cooked any type of 'whole' fish. I vaguely wondered why? Apparently, I'd completely forgotten why... Soon after taking them out of the oven, I remembered. It's the bones. All those teeny, tiny, little bones. All those bones you don't get if you buy your fish already filleted. Try as I might, I just couldn't get all of those itty-bitty bones removed. I even watched a YouTube video showing how to pull the spine out, all in one piece. Thought I did it, but, no. Sigh....

The recipe I found for the baked  trout was good, but we only ate one of them.  Now I've got trout leftovers, so maybe I'll turn those chunks into Fish Cakes.  It kinda takes the fun out of eating the trout when you're on the lookout for a stray bone.  I'll try to remember this fact, a few years from now, when I'm yet again being seduced by another fresh 'whole' fish... But, probably the same thing will happen again. Sometimes I just never learn.  :) 

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