Traditional English Bread & Butter Pudding ~ Meatless Monday

Our friend, Dick, brought over a wonderful English treat for us ~ Traditional Bread & Butter Pudding.  It's a simple to make dessert/breakfast/comfort food that's a favorite of both English children and adults.  I make a bread pudding, but have never had a 'bread & butter' version.  What a treat!!  The two 'puddings' are similar, but making it with buttered bread really does give this version it's own personality.  Dick  made a few adjustments to the recipe, he ~ cut the crusts off the bread slices;  he sprinkled some sugar & cinnamon along with the nutmeg; he skipped the candied citrus peel, only including the lemon zest...and I thought it was perfect made this way. We enjoyed this simple delight with some fat free half & half poured on top.  So yummy!    Here's the link for the recipe ~ It's English 'childhood comfort food' at its very best!


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