Spicy Peanut-Almond Tofu Planks with Steamed Kale & Cranberries ~ Meatless Monday

How do I like to eat my tofu?  Well, sometimes I like to cook thin sliced planks of extra firm tofu in a hot skillet ~ I really like how it helps to 'crisp' up the outside of the tofu.  Usually,  I'll sprinkle one of my favorite hot spice mixes (which kind depends on what cuisine I'm craving at the moment) on the tofu, heat up a little oil in the skillet, drizzle a little Braggs and away I go.  :)   For this particular meal, I included a schmear of peanut butter and some toasted slivered almonds to my spicy tofu planks.  A simple side of steamed kale with dried cranberries, and I was good to go.  One of my favorite, easy Meatless Monday meals.  What's yours?

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