Chicken & Rice Soup

Something happened around here last night, all was fine and then BAM!  Roy and J both came down with coughing fits and stuffy sinuses.  Lately, I know our area has been noted as having 'high to very high' amounts of pollen ~ I believe them!!  So, today we all stayed inside.  Since I had a bit of meat left from the roast chicken I made the other day, I decided to make chicken stock/soup.  There is something about simmering the chicken bones for a homemade soup that just makes a soup taste so much better.  I cleaned out the fridge while I was at it and found a container of rice, so I ended up making an on-the-fly ~ Chicken & Rice Soup.  We all loved it, it made us feel better and it helped to free up some space in the fridge.  Win's all around!  Real-time cooking in my kitchen tonight.  :)

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