My Club Med EXGO Reunion ~ Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, Mexico ~ June 2013

My son won a Club Med 'medal' for being part of the pool kayak race, he was thrilled!

I went to my second Club Med EXGO Reunion in June, this time to the Club Med Village of Ixtapa Pacific.  I took my son with me this time, and we spent two weeks soaking up the hot and tropical weather that is Mexico.  It was his first experience with Club Med, and I think I have planted the seed for him becoming a GO when he is old enough.  Ixtapa was my first village, waaay back in 1992. (see my original post about working for Club Med & the last reunion ~ HERE) It was so great to come back and see all the changes that 20 years brings!  The trees are bigger, the landscaping more lush, the room decor is better...but the same GO spirit is still there.  :)

I've put together another photo collage blog post, of food and fun, to show just how much Club Med still means to me.  To see a certain collage better, just click on it to enlarge.  Enjoy!

J & I had a blast hanging out with the Chief of Circus, Patrick, and his super fantastic Circus Team.  J got to fly on the trapeze, he climbed the rock wall, he bounced on the trampoline and he walked on the tight rope.  Doing circus tricks, under the palm trees, on a beach... Yeah, you could say he liked it...A LOT!  :)

La Playa ~ you get the picture!  All the kids loved playing, boarding, sailing and swimming at the beach.   Not to mention the treasuring hunt, the beach fiesta, the sandcastle contests... The fun just went on & on!

The Main Pool was a big part of our day.  Juan, the GE (local employee) pool bartender/beach boy was just wonderful!! He was sincerely friendly, he always had a big smile for all the guests, and he made the BEST Sangrita ~ EVER!  He gave me pointers on how he makes his secret recipe.  This Mexico City-style recipe is similar to his.  This juice chaser is my new way to drink tequila.  I can't say enough good things about Juan, he is such an asset to the Club!  Juan ~ YOU ROCK!  :)

One afternoon, Chef Saul presented a cooking class.  He showed us how to prepare the freshest shrimp ceviche I've ever had.  His secret is to use a splash of Clamato juice to enhance the dish.  Genius!  I'll be making it his way from now on.  Thanks so much for the class, Chef!

The food was excellent, as always.  So much to choose from!  The seafood was exceptional, as was the service from the chefs. 

The Restaurant Manager, Hugo, and his staff, do a fine job of presenting three colorful and enticing food services a day, with an abundance of food and flavors to choose from.  I don't know how they accomplish it ~ but I'm so glad they can!!  There is a great terrace, just outside the main restaurant, where you can enjoy your meals al fresco.

The Pastry Chefs just kept the beautiful desserts coming, meal after meal...

The Main Bar is colorful and at the center of the village.  My favorite GO Bartender, Basti, is just amazing!!  He can mix drinks like no other, he dances like Michael Jackson in the evening shows and he's just so friendly ~ to adults and children alike.  He takes just as much care with a child's fruit smoothie, as he does with an adults order ~ now, that's service.   Both my son and I just love him! Basti, you are truly the BEST!!  :)

Me & Hoshi (top left).  She is a Mini Club GO and she was with my son's age group for the 2-weeks we were there.  She is so beautiful ~ both inside and out.  She has the old-school GO spirit that I remember from my days of working for the Club.  I can't say enough nice things about her, I sincerely hope we may meet her at another village in the future, both J & I just LOVE her!!  Hoshi, thanks so much for all the fun and care that you gave J & for making me smile!!  The Mini Club Chief, Tom-Tom, & his team helped us celebrate my son's 9th birthday.  We had a special cake, balloons, songs & gifts ~ all you could ask for.  :)  Thanks to all the GO's that helped to make his day extra special!  ~~  Some photos from around the village, having fun in the sun!

More beautiful views from around the village...

EXGO Family & Friends Reunion ~~~ Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, Mexico ~~~ June 2013

If you're ever looking for a great family vacation, check out Club Med Ixtapa Pacific.  Trip Advisor loves it as much as we do!  It's their #1 ~ Traveler's Choice 2013 Award Winner ~ for best hotel for families in Mexico.  I couldn't agree more!  :)


  1. thanks Vicki, it was a joy organizing this event for everyone and an absolute pleasure to meet Jimmy! Hope you both join us in Cancun next June! G.A. xox

    1. Thank you, GA!!! You are the best for doing all of this for the EXGO family. We all really appreciate your efforts & dedication to us ~ YOU ROCK!! xoxoxoxo


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