Homegrown goodies from Cheryl's garden ~ Meatless Monday

Our neighbor, Cheryl, has been kind enough to share the bounty of their backyard garden with us.  She gave me a few bags of homegrown veggies the other day, and I copied how she prepares them.

Cheryl likes to take whatever veggies are ripe and turn them into a ~ Fresh Chopped Salad ~ tossed with Italian dressing.  Sometimes her husband, Bill, will find a salad dressing recipe online that sounds appealing and he will made her a homemade salad dressing to use instead.

She also sometimes likes to simply cook the green beans in a little water, with onions and a few spices until they are just tender, and then toss them in a little butter. YUM!  Super quick, super simple and super tasty.

Add your favorite meatless protein, some homegrown veggie side dishes, some buttered noodles and you've got the perfect Meatless Monday summertime meal!

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