Official Fish Fingers & Custard Day ~ Who, is with me...

Today is April 3rd, and it's officially ~ Fish Fingers & Custard Day!  I never thought I would be writing about those two items, at least not in the the same sentence...but, here I am.  Maybe you've eaten them yourself, maybe even at the same time.  Chances are, if you have, then you too, are a Whovian and a true fan of the BBC TV show 'Doctor Who', just like us.  :)

A bit of back story:  Last year, J & I discovered the BBC TV show ~ Doctor Who.  We were utterly charmed by the actor Matt Smith, who took over the controls of the TARDIS & became the 11th regeneration of Doctor Who.  As J says, 'It's brilliant!'  (he's picked up that phrase from his English dad)  This, coming from a 8 year old, is high praise indeed.  If you've never seen Doctor Who, (or even if you have) check out this foodie inspired clip from the episode ~ The Eleventh HourThis is when the meal ~ Fish Fingers & Custard ~ was invented.  It's one of the funniest food scenes I've ever seen...

I've cooked this unusual food duo and it makes for a surprisingly good meal.  Over here in the US, to us Yanks, Fish Fingers = Fish Sticks. Custard = Pudding, and to me, the custard/pudding becomes a mellow stand-in for tarter sauce...and it really works together!

Since we're on this side of the pond... (ahh...Pond.  Oh, Amy & Rory ~ we MISS YOU!), you could serve it with a traditional English custard mix like ~ Bird's Custard (I happen to keep a container in my pantry, for occasions when I want an English custard), OR you could just use good ol' Jello Brand 'Cook & Serve' Custard, OR just use a vanilla or tapioca pudding cup ~ they would all be good!  So, if you're looking for an unusual, out-of-this-world (or universe) meal, then give it a go.  We enthusiastically give it two-thumbs up, and as you can see from the video clip ~ it's Doctor Who approved!  teehee  :)     


  1. Hi,
    I've just found this through google.

    I had fish fingers & custard for my dinner (lunch) today, it was brill:)

    A lot of people think I'm strange when I tell them that I eat fish fingers & custard together but I just tell them to try them - they don't know what they're missing:)

    When is the fish fingers & custard day for '14? I hope I haven't missed it.

    I miss Amy & Rory too. I'm also gonna miss Matt.

    Cheerio from the UK.

    1. HI Julie!!!
      So very glad that you stopped by to comment. We just love fish fingers & custard around here, and we too sometimes get a strange stare from those who have never tried this delicious duo.

      You have not missed Fish Fingers & Custard Day! It is every year on April 3rd (the date Matt started his first season) & this year the 3rd is on a Thursday.

      I'm really going to miss Matt, too. He is my 'first' Doctor & will always have a very special place in my heart. Amy/Rory were great companions, they really set the bar high for my companion expectations. I'm curious as to how Peter will portray the Doctor, looking forward to seeing his new adventures. :)

      You gave me a little chuckle when you wrote ~ dinner (lunch). My hubby & I still go around about that. Even after 40+ years in the US, he still calls lunch, dinner. I call dinner, dinner. He know that & still does it to get my goat. Old git! :) heehee

      Thanks again for stopping by & commenting. You made my night ~ Cheers!

    2. P.S. ~ I updated the video link to the BBC version of Matt eating his fish fingers & custard. You can watch it now. :) (I didn't know the original link had been disabled) It makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. :)

    3. Hi Vivkie,
      Are you having this today?

      I am.:)

      I might have it for my dinner (lunch:)) again.

      Happy Easter & Fish Fingers & Custard Day.:)


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