Easter Dinner 2013

Today for Easter, we finally had a nice spring day ~ all mild and sunny.  Springtime is very late in arriving to the Midwest this year, and I'm so very hoppy (heehee) to finally see the sun and feel its warmth.  For dinner tonight, I made a few of Grandma Bunni's recipes ~ Deviled Eggs and her Spring Pea Salad.  We also had baked ham, scalloped potatoes, honey carrots and for dessert, the No-Bake Pizzelle Strawberry Layer Cake that I posted about yesterday.  We all indulged in waay too much chocolate, and had more than a few rounds of hide-and-seek with the Easter eggs.  

Our resident 2012 fall pumpkin, Jack, is still hanging around the house and was more than happy to wear a pair of bunny ears to help us celebrate. (so far, he's been dressed up in Halloween gear, a Santa hat & now Easter bunny ears ~ what's next!?! Hope everyone had a great day ~ Happy Easter!


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