Super Easy Chocolate Cherry Cordial Brownie ~ Perfect for Valentine's Day!

I fell head-over-heels in love with the Chocolate Cherry Cordials Cookies that Kathleen baked for the TWIGS Soup Dinner I went to (& posted about) recently.  So much so, that I decided to tweak my favorite Trader Joe's boxed brownie mix to see if I could get a similar flavor.

Happy to report that my tinkering resulted in a yummy Chocolate Cherry Cordial Brownie delight!  It was as easy as could be ~ I just started out with Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt-Fat Free Brownie Mix and followed the directions on the box.  Then on to the the brownie batter I then added ~ a 1/2 cup of drained/chopped maraschino cherries; 1 1/2 tsps rum extract; gave it all a good stir; and then baked it as directed.

When the brownie cooled, I made a simple Cherry-Rum Glaze with ~ powdered sugar, a few drops of rum extract and maraschino cherry juice.  When it was smooth & creamy, I drizzled it all over the cooled brownie and then sprinkled on a few mini chocolate chips for a final, sweet touch. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed our super easy, really pretty, dolled-up dessert...and it took hardly any effort at all.  I'll have to try more doctoring-up of this mix.  Next time I'll try it with the individual serving, 45-second, quick microwave version that I normally make. (see it next to the brownie mix box photo ~ in the custard cup)  Oh, the fun I'll have!  :)  So, if you're looking for an easy, delightlful treat for your Sweetie on Valentine's Day ~ consider showing some love to your favorite boxed brownie mix.  :)

I love to shop at Goodwill, looking for inexpensive, pretty plates and such for using in my blog photos.  A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to score this absolutely beautiful, classic/vintage ~Le Creuset Red Heart Ceramic CasseroleMy heart went pitter-pat when I saw it ~ it was love at first sight!  It hadn't even made it to the shelf yet before it was in my hot little hands. What a MAJOR find ~ and only $8!!  It appears to have never been used and is in pristine condition!  I'm guessing someone got it for Valentine's Day a while back, and it wasn't the box of chocolates they were hoping for.  Fast forward nine years later & it is front and center in my Valentine's Day festivities...and my blog.  :)  No worries ~ I love ya, Big Red!  Be Mine!

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