Sharing Soup with Friends ~ TWIGS 6th Annual Stock Your Freezer Soup Night

Last night I was invited to attend the TWIGS 6th Annual ~ Stock Your Freezer Soup Night.  What a fabulous event!  I had such a wonderful time and met a houseful of beautiful and charming ladies.  The night was full of good food and drink, interesting conversations, the sharing of foodie recipes and a true feeling of kindred spirits, kinship and love.  I'm so thrilled to have been invited to share in their annual event.  Here are some images from that delightful evening...

Wintertime at the lake...

It started with wandering around the lovely home of the hostess, Debbie...

Enjoying bubbly conversation, fine wine and tempting appetizers...

Then it was time to head into the kitchen for the soup tasting, sharing of recipes and then the hardest part...

...deciding which soup to choose for your dinner!  There were so many of us, that it took two very large and beautifully decorated tables to accommodate us all.  The conversations were lively and everyone had a smile on their faces.

After we all had our fill of soup, we then descended on the sweets table.   It was a presentation worthy of the finest French bakery.  I am in awe of those ladies who are such talented bakers.  Thank you so much, it was delightful!

I had a hard time choosing my favorite soup, but in the end, Inge's secret recipe for her famous ~ Goulash ~ won my heart.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Sweet Potato Biscuits and Shaker Lemon Pie that Debbie made.  I had many (!) of the incredible Gourmet Cookies that Kathleen created ~ they were AMAZING!  Sorry to say, but, I was too full to try Carol's homemade apple pie (made from her own backyard apples), but I heard it's the best aroundAfter everyone was finished with dining, they then filled containers with their favorite soups to take with them for the journey home.  What an easy and clever way to add variety to your meals and to ~ Stock Your Freezer!

By the end of the night, I was totally stuffed.  This foodie was so very happy to have been invited to share in this fun-filled evening.  A big Thank You to everyone ~ it was so nice to meet you all! :)

Here's the menu and all of the cooks who made this super soup extravaganza possible.  I've also compiled a slideshow of the evenings festivities for your viewing pleasure ~ click here ~ for the show!  (changing the slideshow time to 5 seconds seems to be the best way to view it ~ 3 seconds is just too short)  Enjoy!
~ Soups du Jour ~ Appetizers ~ Desserts ~

Myrna ~ Cheeseburger Soup
Lisa ~ 13 Bean Soup
Anita ~ Swiss Chard Bean Soup
Lynell ~ Mediterranean Vegetable
Barbara ~ Tomato Soup with Brown Butter Croutons
Janet ~ Potato Leek Soup
Inge ~ Goulash
Madeleine ~ Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta Fazool) Soup
Kay ~ "Cooker Restaurant" Soup
Carole L. ~ Chicken Leek Soup
Kathleen ~ Lemon Chicken Spinach Orzo Soup ~ 3-Tier Assortment of Homemade Gourmet Cookies (dessert) ~ Cheese Ball (appetizer)
Carol D. ~ Homemade Apple Pie, from her backyard apple tree (dessert)
DebbieSweet Potato Biscuits & Cornbread ~ Shaker Lemon Pie (dessert)
Betty ~ Cheese and Crackers (appetizer)

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