Mike's Game Day Shrimp & Oyster Gumbo

My friend, Sharon, shared some food pictures on Facebook during Super Bowl weekend ~ there was some serious cooking going on over at her house!  Last time I saw some of her food photos, I posted her recipe for No-Bake Double Decker White Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cracker Cookies on the blog.  This time the photos that caught my eye were of her husband's ~ Shrimp and Oyster Gumbo.  Mike made a huge ~ Vat 'o' Gumbo for their Super Bowl party.  That's one party I would have loved to attend!  :)

It all starts with a roux...Mike is hard at work making his seafood gumbo for Super Bowl Sunday. Oh yeah...it's going to be goooooood. 

His gumbo looked so good, I just had to share their pictures/comments.   As Sharon says ~ "It's Mike's creation, the recipe is in his head and every time he makes it, it just gets better! Shrimp and Oyster Gumbo...with bell peppers (red, orange, yellow and green) yellow onions, okra, diced roasted tomatoes, and his "secret" blend of seasonings...I am sure I have forgotten some of the other ingredients but you get the idea. It all equals YUM!"

Bell peppers (red, orange, yellow and green) yellow onions, okra, diced roasted tomatoes, and Mike's "secret" blend of seasonings. ~ Making the house smell amazing!

Well, since Mike has no written recipe, I found a Shrimp & Oyster Gumbo recipe by Tyler Florence that sounds similar and it has gotten great reviews.  I'm getting inspired to make a big Vat 'o' Gumbo myself.  I haven't made it in quite some time, and since Mardi Gras is just around the corner, I think I just might have to make a big pot full myself.  As they say in New Orleans ~  Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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