Sirloin Burger with Fried Onion Gravy

For a quick and tasty dinner, I'll often make sirloin burgers, but, without a bun.  To me, it just seems so much more fancy served this way.  We're lucky that our itty-bitty town has a wonderful, little family-run butcher that grinds their own beef, a few times a day.  Their meat takes a hamburger dinner up to the next level. 

Into the sirloin I'll mix ~ whatever spices sound good at the moment, a handful of bread crumbs, shape it into ovals or circles (depending on my mood) and then fry/grill them up.  Then I'll top them with whatever strikes my fancy.  This time I covered the burgers with beef gravy and French's Fried Onions.   Ahh, a simple dinner that satisfies ~ I like that...and so does my family.  :)

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