Low Fat Snickerdoodle Sugar Cookies

Low Fat Snickerdoodle Sugar Cookies~ A figure-friendly spin on a cookie classic.  (1/2 the batch made with the traditional sugar & cinnamon coating; the other 1/2 made with a few chopped walnuts tossed in instead)

Every so often I get the itch to bake cookies.  I know, I'm a declared 'challenged baker', and it doesn't happen often ~ but, on occasion, it does.  I searched the 'Net and found these great little Low Fat Snickerdoodle Sugar Cookies that are a lot lower in fat than most of the recipes I've seen.  So, I fired up the oven and made some cookies.   :)

I rolled half the batch in the sugar and cinnamon and the other half I skipped the c/s and added a few chopped walnuts instead.  I even cut back a bit on the sugar, so they turned out even lower in calories ~ Yeah!  Super easy, really tasty & just plain old delicious.  Perfect for this gal and her family!  Check out the recipe and all the other neat stuff over on the blog Flour Arrangements ~ HERE.


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