Spiced Chicken Cacciatore

Since it's the New Year, I'm back to looking for healthier recipes that have a lot of flavor, but go light on the calories.  This Weight Watchers recipe for ~ Spiced Chicken Cacciatore ~ fits the bill.  I really liked the addition of the curry powder in this dish.  It's an unexpected spice, not one you would find in a classic Chicken Carriatore recipe, but, it's one that I really like.  Its flavors (minus the curry) are similar to the French inspired ~ Hunters Chicken / Chicken Chasseur ~ post that I did last year. (check out that recipe post ~ here)

I decided to serve it with rice, since I already had some on hand and used skinless legs for the same reason.   I also used sliced/frozen, 3-color bell peppers from Trader Joes, I've always got some in my freezer, I just love 'em!  This turned out to be a really tasty dish and one that I'll be making again.  So, if you're looking for a new way to cook your chicken, that's not quite traditional, that's lower in calories and is pretty quick and easy to get to the table ~ than give this one a try.  Check out the recipe for the Spiced Chicken Cacciatore over on the Weight Watchers site.  Enjoy!  

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