Easy & Tasty Uses for Juicer Pulp...

As I've been making fresh juices with my juicer, I've been left with the remains of the fruit and veggies that have been gone into their creations.  I always like to use up the juicer pulp if I can, it's so full of all that good fiber.  Here are some of the ways that I've been able to enhance a few of the things that we enjoy eating...

Juicer Pulped-Up Orange Marmalade ~ When I make fresh orange juice in the juicer, I make sure to remove the seeds before I throw in the peeled oranges.  I finely chop the orange pulp and mix it into an amount of orange marmalade that I can use-up in a day or two.  We really enjoy the sweet/tart flavor of this pulped-up marmalade.

Juicer Pulped-Up Greek Yogurt ~ When I have a fruit juice combo that seems like it would be good match, I'll stir it into my yogurt, along with some ground flax, honey and walnuts for a bulked-up, satisfying snack.  This one was made with the red grape/lime juice blend ~ Sour Grapes.

Juicer Pulped-Up Salsa ~ To make this quick and tasty salsa, I mix veggie juicer pulp into my favorite salsa.  Super simple way to get more fiber into one of our favorite snacks.  This one was made with the juice blend ~ Healthy Woman.  I've also made it with the juice blend ~ Liquid Fire. 

Juicer Pulped-Up Oatmeal Veggie 'Bisque' Soup ~ I found this recipe for an easy and unique 'bisque' soup for one, using Better Than Bouillon and oatmeal.  I use chicken instead of lobster bouillon and to up the fiber, I add a veggie pulp blend.  This time  I made it with the juicer pulp ~ vitAmin.

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