Chicken Tenders with Pineapple Teriyaki

Chicken Tenders with Pineapple Teriyaki ~ Using bottled Teriyaki sauce makes this a super quick meal to get to the table, especially when you have leftover rice hanging around in your fridge...

When I want/need to get something on the table quick & I have some leftover rice in the fridge, I'll often turn to making something Chinese.  I always keep bottles of ~ Teriyaki & Sweet and Sour ~ sauces handy, just for occasions like this.  Having those sauces around allows me to throw a tasty & colorful dinner together in a snap.  One of my favorites to make is ~ Chicken Tenders with Pineapple Teriyaki.

I like cooking with chicken tenders, because even if they're frozen, I can thaw them out quickly & start my cooking minutes later.  While the chicken tenders are cooking (either by the George Foreman Grill, sautĂ©ing or poaching),  I'll steam some broccoli (usually steamed in the microwave), reheat the rice & we're good to go.  I really enjoy broccoli with Chinese food & almost always serve it with that cuisine.  I also like the combo of Teriyaki sauce & pineapple together, to me, they seem like the perfect marriage of flavors.  On occasion, I'll thin out the Teriyaki sauce with just a bit of the canned pineapple juice, for a little bit different flavor spin.  I love being able to make a dinner that is almost as quick as heading out for a bag of fast food ~ faster, even.  Not to mention ~ cheaper, too.  :)

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