Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms ~ Italian Style ~ for Meatless Monday

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Italian Style ~ a quick and flavorful meal, full of rich Italian flavors, low carb, & depending on your choice of cheeses ~ low fat & low cal.  Perfect for Meatless Monday!
I love cooking with portobello mushrooms, there is something about that big, 'meaty' mushroom that I really enjoy.  Sometimes I slice them, then saute or grill.  Sometimes I bake them.  Today my 'shrooms, they got baked.  :)  This meal came together in minutes & cooked for just a bit more.  This big, tasty mushroom was on the table quickly & was devoured promptly.  I can always tell how good a meal is by how quiet it gets around the table when we are eating... and it was real quiet... until everyone asked (clamored) for seconds, that is.

A word to the wise ~ make enough for seconds.

P.S. ~ Do it the first time around.  It's so much quicker that way... about 20 minutes quicker.  :)

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms ~ Italian Style

  • big portobello mushrooms ~ cleaned & ready to go ~ As many as you like & may I suggest at least 2 per person. You might as well save yourself the time & trouble & go ahead & make a lot.  It will save you having to start the second batch before you have even had the chance to finish your own 'shroom.  (somehow the cook always starts eating last around here :)  That way yours won't get cold & nobody will give you the stink eye.  Not that that happens around here or anything...  ;)
  • cottage cheese ~ regular, low-fat or fat-free ~ whatever floats your boat
  • cooked spinach ~ from fresh, frozen or canned, well drained
  • your favorite herbs & spices ~ some I like to use: Italian herb blend, basil, onion/garlic powder, oregano, smoked paprika, crushed red pepper flakes, salt, pepper
  •  shredded pizza cheese ~ buy the pre-shredded bagged kind or grate some of your favorite cheese(s)
  • Parmesan cheese ~ sprinkle liberally in, on & over the gloriously layered mushroom as you are assembling it & when serving it

Look at all that lovely, flavorful juice the mushroom makes while it bakes.  Anybody seen my fork??  :)

Preheat oven to 400F degrees.

Prep your baking sheet or cast iron skillet with cooking spray and/or foil.

Place the cleaned mushrooms ~ gill side up ~ on your baking sheet/cast iron skillet.

Assemble the stuffed mushroom in layers, starting with:
  1. jarred spaghetti sauce or tomato chutney ~ spread to the edges of the mushroom
  2. sprinkle all over with your choice of herbs & spices 
  3. cottage cheese ~ spread a good sized amount all over the sauce
  4. add a bit more sauce to the center of the mushroom & spread out about half way
  5. add the spinach in cool dollops or spread it around ~ as you like
  6. sprinkle a bit more herbs/spice ~ as you like
  7. top it all with the pizza cheese & Parmesan cheese ~ as much or as little as you like
Bake the mushrooms for approx. 15-20 minutes ~ until they are cooked through, the filling is beginning to bubble & the mushroom is giving off it's lovely juices.

Plate it up & pour any of the mushroom juices over the top & add additional cheeses ~ if desired.


** This would be such an easy recipe to change up, just vary the 'stuffing' fillings ~ some to consider...

~ for a Mexican Style version use: salsa, Mexican spices/cilantro, cottage cheese, spinach & some smashed chili beans ~ top with sliced avocado, jalapenos & crushed tortilla chips when serving

~ for a Greek Style version use: fresh chopped tomatoes tossed in olive oil (or Greek salad dressing) & Greek spices/oregano, thin sliced/chopped zucchini, spinach, olives, sliced onions, Greek Yogurt & feta cheese ~ sprinkle with a hint of mint when serving

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