Greek Veggie Scrambled Eggs ~ It's all Greek to me!

Greek Veggie Scrambled Eggs ~ all the freshness of a Greek Salad mixed with eggs for a perfect breakfast.  Low carb, low fat & low cal ~ great for brunch, too.

Greek Veggie Scrambled Eggs ~  I'm on a Greek Salad kick right now & have been enjoying one every day this week, but I've been using spinach instead of lettuce. (I've been craving spinach, what can I say)   I'm lucky that my new next door neighbors, Bill & Cheryl, have been sharing some of their homegrown veggies with us & that makes for a lot of fresh salad fixin's.  Tomatoes & cucumbers are so much better when you can just go outside & pick them right off the vine.

I've also been talking to my friend, Misty, about the different ways that they cook all those glorious, fresh laid eggs she gets from her hens. (see my recent post about her best egg layer, Little Bessie, here)  One of the ways her family likes to eat the eggs they gather, is to scramble them with cooked spinach.  Say no more....

So, today I made a hybrid version of a Greek salad & spinach scrambled eggs and came up with a ~ Greek Veggie Scrambled Eggs ~ dish.  The meal turned out great!  I prepared all the veggies like I was going to make a salad, then I sauteed them in a little olive oil until the spinach wilted.  I then added the scrambled egg mixture to the cooked veggies, added some Greek seasoning blend, extra oregano (I like a lot of oregano in my Greek dishes), salt & pepper and finished cooking the scrambled eggs.  After I plated it, I added some crumbles of reduced-fat Feta cheese & a few sliced black olives (I ran out of Greek olives, darn it!) ~ and I was good to go!

I'm so glad I have friends who inspire me to come up with unusual combos in the kitchen, especially for a Meatless Monday meal, it makes cooking so much more fun! 

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