Low Fat Crock Pot Apple Pie

Low Fat Crock Pot Apple Pie ~ I found this recipe while surfing on the web.  Making an apple pie in the crock pot sounded interesting, so I thought I'd give it a try.  Sad to say, this was only so-so when we had it warm out of the crock... but, after sitting in the fridge overnight ~ Ooh, la, la!  It was REALLY good. 

When it's chilled, this dessert reminds me of all the good bits left behind in the pie pan. Taste wise, it had the correct flavor for an apple pie ~ but texture wise it comes out more like a soft cobbler than a pie.  This dessert was off to a shaky start, but was a happy surprise the next day, so it gets a thumbs up.  I'll definitely make this dessert again.  :)

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