Kale ~ Makes Great Soup, Salads & Snacks

Sausage & Kale Soup, with Beans & Potatoes ~ The original recipe is from Gordon Ramsay's cookbook - Healthy Appetite.  I included a can of white beans since I only had one spud.  I also used some chicken bouillon, to bump up the flavor a bit.  I think the additions really added to the taste of the soup. I'll be making this soup again since it turned out so good.

'Oven Fried' Kale Chips ~ OMG! These are amazing!!! Forget potato chips, these are my new love. They might sound weird, but they are REALLY GOOD! I used regular curly kale & soaked the whole leaves for 2 hours in ice water before making the recipe. (I wanted to get them really clean & crisp)  I then tossed the cut up pieces in 2 batches so I could really get the olive oil mixed in. The 'chips' get incredibly light & crispy in the 20 minutes it takes to make a batch.  Make a lot, they go fast.  Eat them all when you make them since they lose their crispness & get chewy when kept overnight. Won't make that mistake again. :)  Check out the easy recipe over at Smitten Kitchen.

Kale Waldorf Salad ~ Another great way to eat your kale. ~ This recipe from Whole Foods ROCKS!
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