Quick & Easy Fish Tacos

I love topping my fish tacos with sliced cabbage, cucumber, onions, tomatoes & sour cream.

When I crave fish tacos, I look to the fridge or freezer for inspiration ~ looking to see what fish I have lurking about.  I often have salmon in the freezer & it works surprisingly well in fish tacos.  To save on calories, I will usually just nuke the corn tortillas a few seconds to soften them ~ but, if I'm feeling indulgent, I'll soften the tortillas in a bit of oil or butter.

This would be great for dinner or at a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. So, break out the cold cervezas & let's get this party started!


Quick & Easy Salmon Fish Tacos

 ~  soften corn tortillas (either quickly nuked, warmed in a skillet with a bit of
     spray cooking oil or held over a gas flame until warm)

... then fill with some cooked salmon (or your favorite fish)
    grilled, poached, steamed or sauteed

... then add some of your favorite taco toppings
     shredded lettuce
     shredded cabbage
     shredded cheese
     diced tomato
     diced cucumber
     chopped cilantro
     sour cream/plain yogurt
     taco sauce
     hot sauce

~  serve with rice & beans

~  serve with chips & salsa

~  drink some cervezas


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