Coffee, anyone?

It's easy to add frothed milk to  your coffee when using a Bodum Milk Frother 

I love my coffee ~ either as a hot beverage or as an iced drink.  I love the smell of fresh ground coffee beans & will linger in the coffee aisle if anyone is grinding some.  (Please, tell me I'm not the only one who does this!)  I enjoy wandering the shops that have bulk coffee bins & buying just enough coffee beans for a pot of coffee, or maybe two.  Then, I'll have my own private, little taste testing when I get home.  I'll often get several different blends/flavors, or even create my own blend ~ putting in some of this & a bit of that.  Flavored or traditional roast ~ regular, decaf or half caf ~ I love 'em all. 
Along with my coffee, I also love my Bodum Milk Frother.  It's the easiest way to make any coffee drink special.  I use this cool little contraption to make a warm, frothy topping for my lattes or cappuccinos, and for making a cool & creamy top layer for my iced coffee drinks.  Sometimes I'll sweeten the milk, (maybe even add some vanilla or rum extract) then froth it & use it as a low cal 'whipped cream' for a bowl of berries or over strawberry shortcake.  One word ~ YUM!!   It is one of the best coffee gadget thingies you'll ever find!  I highly recommend getting one of these milk frothers, I've been using mine for years & will never be without one.  On the weekends, I'll use my French press to brew my coffee.  I save it for those times when I'm not in a hurry & can enjoy the whole process of making my morning coffee. 

I've got to say, it makes me feel (a little) like a real barista when I use my French press and/or milk frother when making my own coffee drinks at home.  Not to mention making your own coffee drinks is SO much easier on the pocketbook ~ gotta love that! 

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