Quick & Easy Chocolate Cake ~ Eggless & Dairy-free

Chocolate Skillet Cake aka 'Poor Man's Cake' or 'Wacky Cake'

If you are looking for an easy, quick, eggless / butterless chocolate cake recipe ~ one that you probably already have all the ingredients for ~ look no further.  This Chocolate Skillet Cake is for you!  It would be perfect for a birthday, potluck, celebration or just because.  Depending on how you top the cake, it could qualify as dairy-free or as a vegetarian / vegan cake, too.  Just skip the icing & add powered sugar (like I usually do) or if you just love icing (like J does) ~ use a vegetarian 'butter' in the icing.  I just love a dessert that can wear many hats & taste great as all of them!

I have seen this cake in a lot of my really old cookbooks & it goes by many different names, the most unusual is Wacky Cake, but,  Poor Man's Cake is right up there, too.  Since it is eggless, the cake rises due to the chemical reactions of the vinegar & baking soda.  Neat!  Cooking & science project, all in one.

J gets a kick out of making this cake, but, what kid wouldn't?  It has to be one of the most kid friendly cake recipes out there & he just loves getting to lick the bowl.  I know you can save dirtying a bowl & just make it in the skillet ~ but where is the fun in that?  Making a cake is just not the same without licking the bowl...  :)

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