Irish Cream Pudding ~ Easy & Elegant Dessert

Easy & Elegant Irish Cream Pudding

Looking for something that is easy & elegant for the ending to your St. Patrick's Day meal?  Or, maybe for a weekend dinner party?  Or, just because you feel like having a sweet, sinfully good treat...   Well, have I got something for you!

I just made this rich & decadent Irish Cream laced pudding, topped with whipped cream & shaved chocolate & it turned out AWESOME!!!  It was just too simple to make & it tastes like it is much fancier than it is.  I could easily see ordering this in a restaurant, but since we mostly eat at home, I say let's have the good stuff right at our own kitchen table.   I know 1/2 cup of Irish Cream sounds like a lot, but it is only 2 shots. I know, I measured it & it's true, that surprised me too!  So, you are only getting about a 1/2 shot per dessert.  It really gives the pudding the full flavor of the Irish Cream, without going overboard.

This would be so easy to convert to low cal by using sugar-free pudding & nonfat milk.  You could also use an Irish Cream flavored coffee creamer (regular or sugar-free) instead of the liquor, if you wanted to make it non-alcoholic.  I think this would also be good if you used chocolate pudding instead of the vanilla, if you were so inclined.  This is something I will definitely be playing around with in the future.  Don't know why it took me so long to combine these two taste treats.  Better late, than never.

I've already had a little bit, I had to make sure it was worth posting about.  It sooo is.  It'll be hard to stay out of the rest of it until after dinner... Maybe I'll just have a little bit more right now.   Shh, don't tell Roy....   :)

Super Simple Irish Cream Pudding
serves 4

1 small box                 French vanilla instant pudding
1 1/2 cups                   milk
1/2 cup                        Irish Cream liquor

~  whipped cream (I use canned & always keep some around for times like this)

~ shaved chocolate curls (use a veg peeler, on a square of chocolate, shave off to make curls)

1)  combine milk & Irish Cream
      liquor in a bowl& add instant

2)  beat with whisk or hand
      mixer,on low, for 2 minutes
      to combine

3)  pour into pretty glasses & set
      in fridge for at least 10
      minutes to firm up

4)  top with whipped cream &
      shaved chocolate curls

So simple to make & it presents itself like a fancy dessert

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