Watching What I Eat


Welcome to my kitchen...

Well, hello there! Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. Pull up a chair, get a cuppa tea & let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I love to cook and have been puttering around in the kitchen since I was a child. For the last few years, I've been a stay-at-home mom and that has given me the chance to really explore cooking for fun. I can follow a recipe, but, more often than not, I will change it up to suit my mood, what's available in the pantry or to use up what's on it's last legs in the fridge.  Because of this trait, I am a better cook than a baker.  With cooking I can color outside the lines, play around with the recipe & go off on a tangent if I want to.  Needless to say, baking is a skill that I will probably never master, but that's OK, that's what a bakery is for. So, there aren't many fancy baked goods coming out of my oven, but I do find some easy recipes that keep my family happy.  :)

Since I've started a photo journal of what I've been making in my kitchen, I've found I am enjoying the daily grind of cooking, 3 meals a day, so much more. Searching the web & reading through my cookbooks, I have been inspired to do more ethnic cooking - Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, as well as - Low Cal/Fat, Vegetarian & Vegan dishes. Any type of recipe is fair game, if it tweaks my fancy, I'll give it a go. I must say, as with life, some days it's chickens & some days it's feathers ~ but it's always fun to give a new recipe a try. Hope you like looking through the pictures, recipes and Watching What I Eat

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